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What is Centre of the Universe?


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In regards to the site, Centre of the Universe is a daily Toronto real estate blog.

A real estate blog focused on Toronto market updates, for sale Toronto property profiles and essential information for homeowners and prospective buyers.

Who is Centre of the Universe?

Sponsored by Toronto realtor A.J. Badour and managed by realty blogger Joshua Linton, Centre of the Universe is a partnership of realtor and writer.

A.J. Badour is a proficient real estate agent who works and lives in downtown Toronto. A licensed realtor with Zoocasa, Badour is an experienced agent ready to help you get the city living of your dreams or the most out of selling that highly coveted downtown home.

Joshua Linton is a Toronto real estate blogger with a unique voice and style. Studying journalism at Laurier University, Linton has been writing about the Toronto real estate market since 2014.

Why Centre of the Universe?

Centre of the Universe is written by Linton to provide a honest, transparent and accurate perspective on Toronto real estate. Providing an array of content from Monday to Saturday, Centre is dedicated to providing a concise flow of meaningful and informative updates, topics and views.

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